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When we’re up in Michigan during the summer I try to explore new places as much as I can. Last year, I read about a space that had trails and a series of boardwalks near a river, so this year I decided to check it out. A few days ago, I took a stroll through a small portion of it with my camera in tow. The space is called the Grass River Natural Area and I already know that I’m destined to go back.

When you first arrive, there’s a large educational center with all kinds of activities set up for kids and adults and helpful people to give you some guidance.

I choose a loop to follow from the map that the docent gave me and proceeded to wander slowly down the path. I enjoyed getting to meander slowly and take inventory of the lush beauty around me.

It was nice to have the boardwalk to walk along. I liked seeing the pattern of the boards as they twisted and turned corners among the trees and over the streams.

After a short walk, I found myself at the opening to the Grass River where we had swan encounter last year. Luckily, the swans (with their babies) where far away – too far to get photos – so no close calls were had with large birds this time around.

I learned that the nature center leads kayak tours and they have several you can rent and launch right at the end of their boardwalk.

As I made my way back around the other side of the loop I did manage to spot some smaller animals along the path.

The entire experience was peaceful and perfect way to spend a few hours on a summer day.

As I made my way back to the parking area, I was struck by how beautiful this tiny treasure was and I how I had only seen a small portion of what they have to offer. I can’t wait to go on all the other trails that are available.

Strolling through summer – Angie


  1. What a magical stroll this was! So glad to hear there were no more adventures with big birds. And I’m looking forward to your next trip!

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