Summer Practices

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I read somewhere that August is like the Sunday of summer. I truly feels like that to me, as I go back to school this week. A return to school year beginnings and routines, expected change starting to happen around us again, and summer slowly dwindling away. As I look back at what this summer was for me, I have noticed a few things:

In spite of traveling a bit, I did not shoot as much as I usually do every summer. Not sure why but probably because, for most of July, I did nothing important, only rest. I took it slow, mainly because I was tired and needed that rest time to re charge my body and improve my mood.

I did not photograph my children that much either. I focused on calming, soft summer light. I took pictures of water, plants, and my kitties; things that didn’t require physical or mental effort.

I didn’t feel like I needed to photograph daily, I only did it because I wanted to. It’s difficult to explain but I let go of the feeling of missing out on a good photo opportunity or rushing to photograph a beautiful sunset because I would regret it later if I didn’t. There will be more sunsets and many, many photo ops. I will photograph them all when I don’t feel anxious about it.

I napped a lot, which is something my body needed. Therefore, there are many photos of my room, my bed, and/or my couch. That makes me happy, as I have documented my self care to make sure that my physical and emotional needs are met.

I exercised. I played pickle ball, I walked, I even rode an electric bike! In other words, I fueled my body when it asked for it and, many other times, when it didn’t. On both occasions, I did feel that my body felt restored afterwards; the pain and effort it took felt good, fueled somehow.

What are some of your summer practices? Do you feel like you’ve enjoyed a slower pace like me? Let me know in the comments below.



    1. Maite, what a beautiful post. I am so glad to shared these wise words and these beautiful photos here. It really spoke to me.

      • Thanks Cathy, sometimes the wise thing is to do nothing, right?

    2. Especially like the pic with the water ball. The light, plus it makes me want to jump in!
      My summer practices have been similar – I rode my bike again for the first time in two years, I did a lot of crafting to relax (not usually my thing) and I also took naps. A lot of naps. Funnily taking naps seems to be the thing a lot of people around me suddenly needed this summer… As for photography, I have started taking more pics again, so the napping seems to have worked with regards to giving me more energy for hobbies 😁

      • Ooh, crafting! How wonderful! I forgot I also did a little doodling and it helped de stress. I’m happy you’re taking your camera out more, maybe naps is what we all need!! Thanks for sharing 💕

    3. Oh my gosh. You totally got this avowed dog person with that last kitty face.

      I’m so glad you took the time for yourself in all things – even photography. I’m sure you needed it!

    4. These are absolutely stunning photos (obviously the kitten is my fave). And I LOVE that you took time out but not totally, so we also had an insight into your slow time. Hugs. x

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