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I’ve used and owned a number of cameras over the years — Brownies, various Polaroids, Kodak and Nikon point-and-shoots, a Canon AE-1, 3 Canon DLSR models, and now a Canon R5 mirrorless. This is a pretty short list compared with those of other photographers and camera enthusiasts, but I learned fairly early on that I just didn’t have the patience, or the budget, for extensive experimentation with film cameras once I transitioned to digital and iPhone photography.

But I love the look and feel of vintage cameras, and so I have a small collection that I take out and admire every now and then. Their design, their black and silver shine, and their various knobs and buttons spark something in me that is hard to explain. I seek them out at thrift and antique stores, I’ve been gifted a few, and I still have my little Brownie from childhood.

Are you a vintage camera lover? Tell us about your favorites in the comments!

See you soon. –lucy

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