Of sunrise, impressionism and film,

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How is it even possible that summer is already over? Or that September is almost over too? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was eagerly waiting for warm and sunny days, so I could contemplate life from a hammock, roast marshmallows on a campfire, swim in a lake, fall asleep to the sound of loon calls. We ended summer with one last camping trip (I am having a hard time saying it was our last for this year. Who knows…), with two of my boys coming along. While the two of them enjoy a “grasse matinée” in their tent, I always check the time for sunrise and set up an alarm. One of these sunrises, on this (potentially) last trip of the year was a magical blend of mist and light. I had both my digital and film cameras with me, here are a few of the shots I captured with my Canon AE1 Program.Impressionism on Kodak 200.

I’m looking forward to next camping season. Or maybe winter camping?



  1. These are so beautiful and atmospheric. Dreamy!

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