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I don’t have much to say today. I’ve been busy with other things. Other photography things. The past six weeks have been filled with honing my craft and sharpening my skill. Upping my game for both myself and my clients. It hasn’t been easy. The learning curve has been steep, but rewarding. I can’t remember the last time I threw myself “all in” while learning something new.

Yes, it’s also been stressful and frustrating and irritating too–mainly I’ve discovered the limitations of my personal space while trying to set up a studio, along with troubleshooting new gear. Not everything arrives “factory restored” when it comes out of the box.

So I’m growing. In all directions. I can feel it. I vacillate between anxious and exhilarated. Confident and scared. In trendy terms: I’m feeling all the feels. Is that how they say it? And they’d be right. It’s opened something inside of me. I want to keep growing and learning. I want to have something I’m excited about. I also want to take a really long nap.

Have you ever felt this way?

For now, I’ll leave you with some beautiful fall photos I took up at the lake last year. Hopefully I’ll be getting back up next month for a well-deserved break.

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