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We have a Japanese Maple in my front yard that I have been swooning over for 19 years. She makes the front of the house beautiful with her splash of color and star shaped leaves. She is a sight to see in every season and decorates the lawn when fall comes. I have a Flickr album titled: I want to marry my Japanese Maple. I can see her from my bedroom window when I first wake up each morning. I have grown so attached.

The past few years, we have had extreme weather – wildfires so close we had to evacuate, no rain for years and then an abundance of rain and flooding last year. I am not sure if this is why, but she doesn’t look so good this year and it is breaking my heart. I am hoping hard that she will bounce back. I can’t imagine my yard or life without her. It would be like losing an old friend. I told my husband to be prepared to see me cry for days if she dies.

I am thankful I have taken endless photos to document my time with her. Even a sweet photo of my daughter sketching her when she was little.

Hang in there, sweet tree. I love you.

Loving life,


  1. We have one in our front porch too and I also have a gazillion photos! But I wished I had one of my daughter sketching it… my fave!!

  2. These are beautiful! I especially love the ones in shadow

  3. Something special about those Japanese Maples. We had one out front of my childhood home which defined the view from my bedroom window. It seemed to watch over us, the home, with a benevolent presence. I have my fair share of photos.

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