‘Always Winter, but never Christmas’

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We’re having silly amounts of snow this winter.

Earlier in January Oslo hit an all-time registered low of – 30 degrees C.

Christmas is a remote memory.

I trudge through the snow back and forth to work, grateful at least that I don’t have to deal with owning a car in this weather.

It’s usually dark when I leave home and dark when I leave work.

I sometimes stop by one of the city’s many cozy coffee shops. I have a thermo mug that keeps my coffee warm outside even when the temperatures are freezing.

Sometimes I walk through the park instead of taking the main street, past the benches where we eat ice cream in summer. There’s a strange thought.

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I feel like we live in Narnia, under the rule of the White Witch, where it was always winter but never Christmas. Of course I know, intellectually, that spring will come, and we’re thankfully past the winter solstice, with already an hour more sunlight – but we also have eleven hours less sunlight than at the summer solstice, which is really saying something.

So until summer returns, I’m going to keep taking my vitamin D and snuggle at home as much as possible with my family.

Stay warm, Jenny G.

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