Soaking in the Season

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Recently another Viewfinder mentioned enjoying a summer evening, and I started to panic because I had barely noticed spring!

Perhaps this has something to do with the international nature of our group, but I am in a time of life where the seasons can pass me by unless I make a special effort to experience them. When my children were young, it would have been difficult to not make a big deal out of holidays, birthdays, the start and end of the school year, snow days, the first fresh vegetables of spring, the first swim of summer, apple picking…. Now that they are grown up we miss many of those events entirely, and others are more low key. 

So I made the effort to go out and find spring and soak it in. I spent a morning in the park of my nearest big city, which was covered in spring blooms, in preparation for their annual tulip festival. 

Even the coffee I had across the street from the park was blooming.

Okay friends, now that I’ve had my spring moments, you are welcome to your summer evenings.


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