Autumn in Black and White

In Digital

Take the color, the oranges and the golds and the fading greens. Take that amazing autumn, afternoon light. Wander around your front yard pumpkin patch (we had over 15 pumpkins this year). Stalk the cat like he stalks the neighborhood squirrels and birds. These images were popping with color, but then I hit my favorite black and white preset and a new world popped up on my screen. I couldn’t go back to the colors The tones and the light spoke to me in such a new and engaging way- perfect for the season. Viewfinders_VanessaSimpson (2 of 3)-2 Viewfinders_VanessaSimpson (1 of 3)-2

Keep chasing that beautiful light, Vanessa


  1. i’m always amazed at how classic black and white looks. i rarely process in b/w, but this is making me think i should give it a try !

  2. These images take on such a different feeling altogether seen in inky blacks and dramatic back light – Fall Noir! I love them. Vanessa!

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