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Some of the best photo outings I’ve had are ones that involve a small amount of planning and a lot of exploring. I’m lucky to know local photographers who are up for last-minute coffee dates and walkabouts with cameras. We choose a spot to meet and see how the day unfolds.

Brick walk 72pxStrawberry Hill M 72px

On a cloudy Friday morning recently we ventured into the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. (Did you know Kansas City is actually in two states? Both Missouri and Kansas can claim K.C.) This area was originally home to Croatian immigrants who settled here in the late 1800s.

Statue on wall 72pxBerry mural 72pxThe neighborhoods here are filled with character and charm! Around every corner there were details that caught my attention and made me lift my camera once again. And the people we encountered were friendly, talkative, and happy to share information about the place they live and work.House row crop 72pxBearded man 72px

The textures and colors were so eye-catching, especially on a slightly gloomy day. Old bricks, hand-painted signs, and spring blooms were a welcome sight.

Rug cleaners2 72pxLion 72px

I know there is plenty more to see here, so I’ll be coming back again. Who wants to join me?



    • Thanks, Maite! It was unintentional as I was shooting but very obvious once I started reviewing and editing my shots. Happy acccidents!?

  1. i love the colors here… and the small town vibe. another reminder that beauty is all around us!

    • Thanks, Beth! There was so much to see and enjoy, and such fun since I’d never been to this area before!

    • That would be a dream! I’d love to show you my city…and I definitely want to see yours!

    • Thanks, Michelle! I always go for the rustic textures. 🙂

  2. Me! I want to go. I love adventures in cities; it is the best way to meet new people. The art on the buildings reminds me of LA. I love the man smoking in front of the refrigerators- so good.

    • Come to Kansas City, Staci! There are lots of cool areas to explore. One day I hope to visit L.A., too!

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