A true autumn day

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“Is not this a true autumn day?

Just the still melancholy that I love—

that makes life and nature harmonize.”

~George Eliot

As the air turns crisp and sunlight shifts, these autumn days beckon me to come outside. The sun lights up the trees, showcasing their brilliant colors, and warms my face as I sit quietly. Who could resist? These waning days of the season are to be treasured, as I will surely miss them when winter comes knocking on my door.

We’ve been lucky to experience many true autumn days in the past couple of weeks. On the day I took these photos, I was intentional about seeking colorful leaves and spending a little time outdoors. When I came across this pair of enormous maples, I knew I’d found the perfect spot to spend some time.

Who knows how many years these maple trees have been here; their branches spread wide and bend to the ground, almost as if their age is causing them to need rest. The result is a beautiful canopy under which you can walk, enclosed, yet airy, with the sun peeking through the leaves.

As I write this, I know a big change is coming. We’re due for rain and cooler temperatures, which means these leaves will soon be on the ground. For this moment, I’m grateful to have found moments of quiet under this pair of stalwart maples, and I’ll fondly remember this spot as one of singular beauty.



    • It’s the maple trees that really put on a show!

    • Yes! I’m guessing those leaves are nearly gone by now. (You have to stop and enjoy fall beauty when you find it.)

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