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Whether you live on the midwestern plains of North America or in a sleepy village along the New Zealand coast, if you’re out shooting film, you’re probably wondering where to buy it or where to get it developed. For this very reason, I put out a call to my various photography communities to find out where they go. What follows is a list of various labs and supplies on three continents in a variety of cities around the world. Overwhelmingly, North Americans buy their film in the United States and are lucky to have multiple options to choose from. Luckily several labs today in both North America and Europe also accept film from International Clients as well, so don’t despair if you haven’t found your lab yet!

When I first published this post on Mortal Muses three years ago, film seemed to be going the way of the Dodo. I’m happy to report that many of the labs that I listed back then, are still in business, and less than two weeks ago, Kodak announced that it wants to bring back more film!

“As we’ve looked at the professional film market over the last two or three years, we’ve actually seen a resurgence in film sales,” says Dennis Olbrich, president of the imaging, paper, photo chemicals and film division at Kodak Alaris, which took over Kodak’s film photography businesses. “It gave us some confidence to start to look at what films would we consider to bring back into the marketplace.” – speaking with Time Magazine

For now, Kodak plans to bring back Ektachrome, and as much as they’d love to revive Kodachrome, it just doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. In the meantime, we all wait with baited breath to see what other films will be next!

Please add your favorites in comments to share with our community, and I’ll update this post and include them!

Happy Snapping friends!
Holly Soupatraveler

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can you buy amoxicillin otc Film Sales: AmazonB&H Photo VideoDigital Truth PhotoFreestyle Photography Supplies,
LomographyMel Pierce CameraPortland Prophoto SupplySamy’s Camera (Southern CA),
The Impossible Project (Polaroid Film for 600/SX-70/Spectra), Urban Outfitters, Adorama

antibiotic azithromycin Film Developing: Indie Film Lab (Accepts film from both US & International Clients),
The DarkroomFilm Box LabLittle Film LabPhotoworks SFtheFINDlab,
Film Rescue International (Development for damaged film), Philadelphia Photographics (Philadelphia), Indie Photo Lab (Philadelphia), Richard Photo Lab

Canada: Canadian Film Lab (Accepts film from both Canadian & International Clients), The Professional Digital Photo Lab (Vancouver)

Film Sales & Developing: Blue Moon CameraOld School Photo Lab (with free shipping), Unique Photo,
Indie Photo Lab (Philadelphia),  Pro Photo Connection (Irvine, CA), Photovision Prints (Oregon)



Film Sales (General): Amazon.comLomography,
The Impossible Project (Polaroid Film for 600/SX-70/Spectra),
Silverprint Photographic Supplies

United Kingdom:  Urban Outfitters (Film Sales), Digitalab (Film Sales & Developing)

London: Sendean Cameras

Dublin, Ireland: John Gunn Camera Shop (Fujifilm Sales & Developing)

Oslo, Norway: Aker Foto (Developing)

Valencia, Spain: Carmencita Film Lab (Film Sales & Devoloping, Accepts film from both Spanish, European & International Clients)


Film Sales (General): lofico

Melbourne: Prism Imaging (Developing)
Vanbar Imaging (Film Sales & Developing)

Brisbane: Allchromes (Film Sales & Developing)
ProLab (Developing), Fotofast (Film Sales & Developing)


Film Sales & Developing: Photo Warehouse

Film Developing: PCL (Exhibition Quality Printing too)


  1. Thanks for a really useful post. For film sales in North America, Film Photography Project (online only) has some great stuff, often hand rolled from oddball stuff they get who knows where. They also sell some vintage cameras and have a great podcast! For film developing, North Coast Photo Imaging in Carlsbad CA. They’re right down the road from me but do a lot of mail order and also make prints.

  2. There are many places to buy film in Germany, for example:
    fotoimpex.de (they have a great shop selling all things analogue, in Berlin, at very reasonable prices)
    macodirect.de (sometimes they offer rare and outdated films)
    Just to name a few …

  3. Great article Holly. Here’s another place to purchase film and have it have developed and scanned – Downtown Camera in Toronto, Canada. They have been doing all my processing for years.

  4. Another one for New Zealand is Wellington Photograpic Supplies – the also do a mail order service. Thank you for including little old NZ!

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