Garden Polaroids – Take Four!

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You might recall that it’s about this time of year when I start thinking about capturing my garden in Polaroid. In 2020, I unearthed an expired pack of SX-70 Impossible Project film that had been hidden in my fridge for over five years and snapped off four frames with my SX-70 OneStep.

Six weeks later I did it again, capturing more of our garden and our new puppy Gibson.

Last year I unearthed my last pack of Impossible Project film, this time a 7-year old 600 color film to use in my 600 OneStep and photographed my garden – and Gibson – again!

Interestingly enough, the 600 color film (now only one year out) has maintained almost the same integrity of color from a year ago, however the 3-year old SX-70 color film has mellowed, slightly faded and grew creamier with orangey warm tones over time.

And the garden and Gibson? Well let me show you!

In keeping with the Garden Polaroid theme at this time of year, I captured my last four frames of 600 color film with my Polaroid OneStep! They took FOREVER to develop, and by that I mean hours and hours, and I still don’t think they’re done; only time will tell. I took the photos in the morning, waiting all day for the final images to be exposed. Truthfully, the scans have a little more contrast than the actual polaroids themselves.

It wasn’t an overly bright day, sunny but not brilliantly bright. I set the slider to half dark for the first two frames above, and then full dark for the two frames below. As you can see the images seem a little overexposed. It will be interesting to watch them across the week to see if the colors deepen over time.

I’m sad that I’ve used my last four frames of Impossible Project film. After all, it was their experiment that pulled me into the world of Polaroid and instant film. I do still have one last block of Fuji instant color film in the fridge that was discontinued a few years ago, so maybe next summer I’ll have to change cameras and film to capture my garden on instant film!

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  1. These are so wonderfully dreamy and nostalgic.

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