Who’s Behind the Camera?

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As much as I love making photographs, I’m not one to carry my camera everywhere with me. I enjoy hearing about photographers who always have a camera in their bag. I like it; it speaks to their passion. It’s just not how I roll.

Are there times when I wish I had my camera with me for an unexpected, surprise shot? Of course. But mostly, it’s okay. Sometimes I’d rather just be with the moment instead of capturing it. It’s not to say one way is better than the other. I’m simply saying that I’m okay to “miss” some shots.

If I don’t have my Fuji handy, I will often have my phone. I love the freedom and lightness that come with shooting mobile.

Whether shooting with my phone or my Fuji (all images in this post are shot with iPhone6), I do very little post-processing. As much as possible, I try to get things right in-camera. Whatever camera you’re shooting with, the same rules and guidelines apply: composition, leading lines, rule of thirds, light, perspective, etc.

With mobile photography, my use of apps is limited. I shoot with the native camera or Camera+. For editing, I often tweak the shadows, sometimes adjust highlights, almost always desaturate. But that’s about it. I might hop over to my favorite app, VSCO. But, even there, I do little with the processing. The Legacy and Moody series are my go-to’s, specifically Legacy 05 and T1 or T3, with filter typically set mid-intensity.  I like keeping it simple.

One of our manifestos here at ViewFinders is:
We believe that the best camera is the one that feels right in your hands as you make the photograph.

Yes, yes, yes.  I’ve seen stunning work made with both high-end cameras and phone cameras; I’ve also seen awful images made with both. The camera doesn’t guarantee a thing. Much of the resulting beauty comes from the vision and skill of the photographer.

It’s not the camera, but who’s behind the camera. ~Anonymous

Truth. The power lies in your hands.
So be confident with whatever camera you hold in your hands. And, whatever you do, keep shooting.



  1. yes, yes, yes!!! I always think its funny when i’m shooting professionally and someone says to me that “with a camera like that, of course you have great photos” …um, yeah! LOL!!!

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