Finding Space in Community and a Giveaway!

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Finding space for our photography can be tricky, and sometimes fitting our craft into our busy lives turns into a balancing act. It’s certainly a theme that I’ve been exploring in many different ways this year. Seeing how the other Viewfinders and our community creates space in their photography, has been so inspiring to me too! I thought today I’d share some images featuring plenty of room to rest the eye, as well as images that give our busy minds a pause, making space for a nice deep breath.

I love the way Negative Space was used to create these images of calm, still beauty and shared on Instagram from our community using our hashtag #viewfindersio.


Marina Sorr, @marina_sorr


Beverly LeFerve, @bal93


Christina, @greybloom


Sunny Selby, @st.selbyveraicon


Chandra Sandoval, @chandra.sandoval

But sometimes images with a lot of visual elements can capture that same feeling too, like these:


Juliana Longiotti, @julianalongiotti


L.McG.-E., @lmcge


Linda Silva Palleschi, @palleschiphotography

Whether it’s through capturing everyday beauty, finding moments of quiet stillness or exploring polaroid film and self-portraiture, I love to see how the Viewfinders seek out space in their photography too!


Maite Pons

Jenny Graver

Jenny Graver


Vanessa Simpson


Kim Thompson Steel

negative space-2

Deborah Candeub


Staci Kennelly


Kirstin McKee


At the end of an almost-summer evening, the day’s concerns fall away and leave space for appreciation and delight in the sun’s waning light. ~ Lucy Loomis


Leslie Adams


Meghan Davidson


 I photographed this image for a client, and I wanted to make sure there was plenty of room around the edges for the graphic designer to use for multiple purposes: like adding text or cropping square for Instagram, for example.  It’s not in my nature to leave open space, so this was a good exercise for me to practice on. ~ Angie Dornier

1200lightsMichelle GD

As for me, I’ll continue exploring new ways to create space in my photography too, and this summer I’m teaching some of these concepts in my class on Making Space in Your Photography as part of the Camera Craft Collective with Galia Alena. This week I’m giving away a FREE SPACE in my class, as well as access to both segments in Galia’s Camera Craft e-course, including classes from the other members of the collective. Camera Craft, The Art of Seeing begins Monday, June 27th, and my class will run during this segment. Camera Craft, Into the Light begins August 29th.

To win, all you have to do is comment on this post! If you’d like additional chances to win, comment and/or share this post from the Viewfinders’ Facebook page, reply and/or retweet this post from our Twitter account, or comment on and/or repost this post from our Instagram feed. Be sure to tag us when commenting or sharing on social media so we can be sure to find you and add in your extra chances to win! And stay tuned, we’ll have more chances to win coming later this week. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page this Friday.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. OH yes please. Thank you for all of these images and perspectives, I would love to be in the class.

  2. Love seeing all these beautiful images together in one space!

  3. thank you thank you thank you Holly for including one of my images among the beautiful ones in this post! I feel very strongly the need to create space and I’m always grateful to your inspiration xo

  4. Thank you for including my photo in such a beautiful collection of pictures that do such a lovely job of saving space for all of the myriad of purposes that space can be a gift to the artist and the viewer. I’d love to win space in the class, it sounds intriguing.

  5. I am still, after all these years of Flickr, Blogging, and Instagram, blown away by how we can all see the world so very differently and beautifully. gorgeous post today everyone, gorgeous!

  6. Such gorgeous photos, and an inspirational post! I’m definitely going to start incorporating more negative space in my photos. (And the class sounds fantastic.)

  7. LOVE them all! What a great concept. Thank you greatly for the chance to win a spot in this AhMAZING offering. Fingers crossed! Peace, Love, and Space…

  8. So many beautiful examples! I love the concept of negative space in photos as a reflection of clearing space in one’s mind and life.

  9. When I think of the word ” Space” I have this urge to look straight up at the sky. I just recently started adding “space” to my photography. Never really thought about it until recently, when you starting pointing it out at the beginning of this year:)

    Love all these pictures of Space 🙂

  10. I´m very happy to enjoy the beautiful pictures you have on it and the great idea to do this as a way of sharing visual images, composition is beautiful and all… a big visual pleasure!!

  11. You have no idea how much I loved this post! Thank you for putting it together and for compiling the most beautiful group of images and words I’ve seen in a while… xo

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