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According to the calendar, summer isn’t officially over. Yet when school days return and new routines fall into place, the last days of summer seem different. Change is in the air, and as the season winds down, I find myself feeling nostalgic for what’s only recently past. As I sorted through images from the past few months,  I found my Polaroids most accurately portray that nostalgia I’m feeling.Coneflowers2 no border 72pxIndian2 no border 72pxBlueberry bush2 no border 72pxArboretum Chicago2 no border 72pxMotel sign2 no border 72pxPaint mines2 no border 72pxPeaches2 no border 72Sailboat2 no border 72pxFlipping through these prints makes me smile. They are a tangible reminder of the many happy moments this season brings, fleeting though it may seem. How about you…what are your favorite summertime memories?


P.S. I shot these images with my Polaroid SX-70 camera and Impossible Project Gen 2.0 color film.




    • Thanks, Michelle! I do think instant film shots portray a certain timelessness.

  1. Nostalgia is one of those words that sounds and feels like what it means. I love polaroids, even though I shoot them rarely, and you captured that summer feeling beautifully!

    • Thanks, Kim! I am sparing in my use of the film but I do love it.

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