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Where I am located, here in the upper Midwest of the United States, April can be dang fickle. It’s the season and the time of year where I’m just itching for things to start greening up, to start booking, budding and blossoming. This year we are starting to see things just start to sprout and I can’t wait for it all to explode.

I am completely convinced that this kind of time of year is what daily shooting (or even roughly daily) and the internet were made for. Nearly every year I dig back into my Flickr archives to see just when I can deign to hope for the “really it’s not going to snow again,” all-clear signal.

I tell you what​, there is no sure thing when it comes to April in Minnesota. Sprouts to blizzards, golden sunshine to frost, t-shirts to parkas, we’ve seen it all and likely will continue to do so.  All I know is this – the tulips in my garden are about four inches up, the rhubarb is about to start unfurling her leaves, and I’ve got both my fingers and my toes crossed.

All the best, from the Minnesotan who can’t help but talk about the weather,



  1. My father emigrated to Minnesota in the 60s. Then he was drafted to Vietnam and so escaped PDQ! I still remember his stories of the cold winters…

  2. I always love to see snow pics when we have blooms. It makes me wonder if you get impatient or you’re just used to it… Love that umbrella selfie!

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