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HUJI Cam makes your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories.

Earlier this month I made a new discovery. One that’s had me excited about taking photos of with my iphone in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. It started about a week and a half ago when I came across Jenny’s Instagram story featuring a self-portrait she’d taken earlier that day. I was riveted. I had to know how she’d taken it, and that’s how I learned about HUJI cam.

HUJI cam is a camera app introduced last fall, but didn’t gain world-famous notoriety until making it’s debut in certain circles earlier this year, but unfortunately not in mine, since I must admit that I’m not a student of popular culture. So even though photos taken with the app have been shared by the likes of Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian West, I had to look closer to home to be clued in on the action.

Back in the days before the internet, before digital cameras and before fancy, expensive camera gear took over my life and my bank account, I used to carry around a disposable camera in my bag at all times. One of those boxy, little things I’d pick up at the grocery store, that was little more than a roll of film with a way to shoot it. HUJI cam appeals to these days of my youth by evoking a certain film-processed look claiming to look like it was taken “in 1998” complete with date stamp in the bottom corner of the photo. Seriously. It says 1998, but you can change it to the current year or turn the date feature off altogether in the camera’s settings.

Huji also has a dreamy light leak feature that can be turned on and off. Personally, I love playing with the unpredictability of the light leak, and so I mostly leave it turned on. There’s a flash if you need it – just like those disposable cameras of old – and a big button for taking photos. One quick tip, after the camera app turns on, touch the “viewfinder” in the top corner to get see your screen. Contrary to how it looks, putting your eye up there won’t allow you to see out!

Once you’ve taken your shot, head over to the “Lab” to see how things came out, and then manually download the photos to your camera by clicking on the arrow at the bottom. If you’d like this to be automated into a HUJI folder in your camera roll, you can officially buy the app for $0.99 also foregoing the ads. HUJI can be used on either in either iOS on an iPhone or on an Android platform, so anyone with a smart phone can use it.

Sometimes the thought of editing photos is too tiring, and even though I love the look of film, I don’t always have the patience for old-school development, making HUJI the perfect blend of both. Snap it, “develop” it, download and share! I’ve been walking around my house, my neighborhood – you name it – I want to see my life through HUJI. The nostalgia factor has me entranced with that slightly saturated, contrasty look of unsophisticated 35mm film; It’s like having a “snappy” in my bag again, but without the wait! I intend to enjoy it’s novelty for as long as I’m inspired.

Since Jenny introduced me to this little wonder,  I asked her to share what she loves about HUJI cam too. We hope you love HUJI cam as much as we do!

These days I’m all about Instagram! Try as I might to put my phone down it continues to draw me in! So when I started seeing these beautifully vibrant, weirdly focused, light-leaky photos on my friends’ feeds I had to find out what it was! Enter: HUJI cam! Since downloading the app I’ve used it to photograph my adventures to a brewery, my day to day selfies and all the things I love most in my life. There is something truly addicting about snapping a photo and not knowing how it will turn out! The mystery brings about a beautiful nostalgia. Will I have light leaks? Will I have grain? Will this look good at all?

I can’t help but admit I’m hooked. As an accidental hipster I was thrilled my selfies took on a new artsy quality. As a phone camera addict I’m overjoyed to have a new toy, one that actually delivers beautiful results! So if you’re on the fence about getting a new camera app, take our advice… this one is worth it!

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler
Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate



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