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If anyone out there has a Flickr account, you’ve surely seen this message- whether you have a few pictures uploaded to the site, or a lot, like myself. Flickr is changing their mode of operations, and in doing so is cracking down on abandoned accounts ( like mine) and are encouraging folks who have images saved on their site, to pay for pro accounts. If you have more than 1000 photos and don’t have a pro account, Flickr will be deleting your oldest images to keep 1000 or less. The deadline was supposed to be last week, but they have since given folks one more month to either download their photos, or pay for a pro account. I haven’t uploaded an image to Flickr in 2 1/2 years, and prior to that, it has been 5 years. Rewind however 9 years, and I was doing daily, sometimes twice daily posts on Flickr. To my sisters in this Viewfinders community, I know that this is the case for most of you. Flickr is an old friend.

I have yet to make a decision on what to do. I’ve been downloading lots of photos this past week, which surprisingly has brought up lots of emotion. I’ve found myself reminiscing a bit about a time when photography felt new and exciting, not a job, or work, or a chore….when I did photo projects, and assignments, Bench Mondays, and Fence Fridays, and Selfie Sundays. When the weight of the camera in my hand was all craved, and didn’t remind me of perpetual ache in my right shoulder. Today I’m sharing some of the photos I’ve downloaded so far. Images from 5 or 6 hard drives ago. Pictures of my very small children. Before they talked about college, and high top shoes. Before they asked for makeup . Images that sparked something inside of me that I fear at times has left . A joy, a zest.

My wee little babe. Just one year.
The curls.
That dreamy little patch of light.

The joy hasn’t left, but it has shifted. It’s no longer new. Like the love for our lovers change and shift, the love for our hobbies, especially when they shift in to actual work, definitely shifts. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a life thing.

Flickr has enriched my life in so many ways. I was surrounded by this incredible forum of amazing photographers, and so many of them have become real life friends whom I’ve visited with in real life. I love this. I learned so much being part of the Flickr community, and it inspired so much . I am truly thankful for the space.I will continue to download some favorites that I never got around to printing. I will continue to be reminded of all of the fun places that photography has taken me. And that’s what it’s about isn’t it ? Looking back, standing still, perpetual forward motion. It’s so wild to see the progression of life in this way. Moments frozen in time. Have you found yourself thinking about your photographic journey with Flickr’s announcement? I’d love to hear from you!




  1. Love this so much , Audrey! Because of your post, I started going through my earliest photographs on Flickr. What a walk down memory lane! Also, it’s pretty hilarious, and encouraging to see how much my photographs have improved since then. At the same time, I’m so grateful to past-me for taking those first shaky steps and venturing into that wonderful community, and for having the courage to upload those first few (pretty bad) photographs. Here’s to more courage to make bold moves and perseverance in repeatedly picking up the camera!

    • I totally agree Chinwe, I found some lovely ummm selective coloring images that I can’t believe I ever wanted to share! It is rather hilarious to be going through the earliest images. But a you said, I’m so grateful for the journey, albeit a shaky one!

  2. Hear, Hear to Flickr and Flickr Friends!
    My life has been so enriched by all of the interactions with my photography friends.
    Also I LOVE your girls. And curls too. x

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