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The claim that photography provides the stoppage of time, is able to freeze moments and hold those times you hold most dear in some sort of perpetual youth, despite being cliche, isn’t wrong. It’s something I find myself turning toward so often.

When winter seems to be dragging on forever and ever, I find myself scrolling back and back in my many years of Flickr archives to find just when things started popping out of the ground, when the green showed up last, and when those blooms started painting the world.

Before there started to be a lot of kids all over my everyday life, these were the shots that were most prevalent in my photostream. They’re the shots that I find myself forgetting to take more recently as the drive to document my kids’ childhood has taken center stage. But, I do find that even though I’m taking photos of my children, I’m still getting that springtime bursting-forth.

We come to the end of May, here in the United States, and find things bearing full force into summer. Kicking that off is Memorial Day weekend – meant to set aside the day to honor the many who have served the country in the military, but in more modern times is often celebrated with camping trips, cabin trips, massive amounts of BBQ and beer consumption, picnics, the like. Our family is no different in that respect. We typically head out to the cabin, all gathering together for boat rides on the lake, frigid dips in the water, lawn games, a little bit of fishing, board games, campfires, the whole nine yards. And we had to miss it last year (you know, pandemic and all). But this year, all full of vaccines, we’re gathering together again. It’s gotten me scrolling through my archives to Memorial Days past, looking forward to what I’ll capture this year.

Headed to the cabin –


  1. I do so love the way you capture those moments with your gorgeous children. Wishing you a fantastic weekend. x

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