Truth in Obscurity

In Black and White, Film
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I recently took my Holga 120n camera off the shelf, where it’s been sitting idle for way too long. I think I was missing the unique perspective I get through it. There’s something about the way reality is obscured by this small “toy” camera.

OK, I think that one was a triple exposure 🙂 But that signature halo around the image, and the blurred edges lend an otherworldly quality to the images.

Or maybe this is closer to the truth of things. There’s so much I don’t understand – about myself, about why some things happen the way they do, about God, about life. Life often makes little sense. I love the sometimes indecipherable, mysterious quality of these images. They are something like reality, but just a bit off. They make you stop and look. They require your attention. The lines are not sharp, and the edges are not definite. At some point, you simply have to submit to the mystery. Just like life, I think.

— Eyes wide open, Chinwe


    • Thanks, Eileen. Yeah – I tend to forget about this little camera, then I see the photographs and fall in love all over again 🙂

    • Thanks, friend. I recently loaded some black and white film into one of my cameras, and I’m excited!

  1. Oh my gosh, the blur, the lines, the light, all of it is magical. And yes, to the black and white, it is so good. Your words move me so, something to ponder. I agree, more please.

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