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It was just Monday when Leslie talked about her dive into #the100dayproject, looking at the skies in her neck of the woods. We must have been on the same wavelength because jumped into a 100 day project as well. I’ll get the ugly part off my chest quickly, though: I faltered out pretty quickly. Made it through 23 days, and then #life.

Back in November I had finally saved up the right amount and pulled the trigger on my latest favorite toy. Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with flight, wanted to be a pilot, and dreamed of being in the air. Even now with how ugly air-travel has become, it thrills me when the speed of this massive metal tube gets just fast enough and you start tipping sky-ward. SO – I bought a drone. Eeeeeee! It still thrills me just thinking about it. The DJI Mavic Air that I chose is fairly idiot-proof, and I’ve only run into trees a couple of times, and been nearly blown away once.

So, for this round of #the100dayproject, I wanted to try to fly every day, not necessarily to create amazing content, but to learn better how to maneuver, push the limits, help the controls become more intuitive. As I was progressing on through the days, it was becoming easier. I could buzz around, screech to a halt, launch off and up, adjust when faced with an unexpected obstacle, and all was going well. Weather got windy, rainy, kinda nasty, and I got busier (and more and more bored with flying in my backyard) and my project petered out.

But, I do think that I feel more comfortable with the thing now. I love the videos and glimpses of my world and life that are from such a radically different angle than I could possibly get on the ground. I love to incorporate a little bit of flight into some of my other projects, whether video or still. But more than anything, I get such a thrill out of just flying the thing! I love zooming around, going as high as the FAA will let me, and seeing what’s possible from above it all.

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  1. Oh wow!
    These are incredible!

    I hope you get some more flying time this summer. I am saying this in a purely selfish way because I want to see more! x

    • Seriously, that drone has been soooooooo much fun! I can’t wait to bring it along on all sorts of summer adventures.

  2. I have so enjoyed these Alison. What a gift this is for your kids and for you as they get older. What a wonderful way to capture your world.

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