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Like many of my fellow contributors here, I’ve been feeling apprehensive and kind of stuck about just what I can possibly say in this space. Despite being in Minnesota, our little suburban town has been pretty much the same as ever, though with a noted increase in black lives matter signs, flags and sidewalk chalkings. I find myself looking for more to be different. I look for some signs of upheaval, of an impending or even beginning culture shift. It seems almost everywhere I look things are the same.

So I started to look at my own photos. I’m a daily shooter, attempting to document my family’s life. During the these lockdown-y times, we’ve still been able to get out and do quite a bit of hiking and exploring. There was a distinct trend in some of my photos that I’m finding myself drawn to: faceless portraits.

So, what does it mean? Am I trying to put myself into these little moments of childhood? I know typically this kind of work appeals to the universality of the experiences depicted, and maybe that’s what’s happening here. I do know it isn’t something I sought to do intentionally.

Has a deeper examination of your own images ever pushed you toward a calling you may not have expected?

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  1. That is so interesting! I’ll have to take a look at my latest ones to see what trend I notice… Beautiful images, Alison.

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