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Like my fellow Viewfinder, Deborah, I have felt somewhat paralyzed recently – creatively, emotionally, physically.

I don’t remember the last time I picked up my camera, even though it is my livelihood. Shelter-in-place meant the loss of my job and no opportunities for freelance photography shoots. The early days of quarantine were lovely in a way… my husband and daughter home with me, working separately through the day and gathering together for meals and walks. However my family has faced some dark times in these past few months, and day-to-day pursuits like eating and sleeping and getting outside for fresh air became as much as I could manage some days.

As world events loomed large, my iPhone became my link to the planet. I was watching and reading and learning and seeking actionable ways to support Black Lives Matter. And between, in need of breathing space, I looked for light, swiped the camera lens clean with a corner of my t-shirt, and pointed it at what surrounded me.

I sought out small moments that gave me time to breathe and replenish my spirit.

And when some of the restrictions were lifted and we could reclaim the views and landscapes we had longed for and that are self-care in its simplest form, my breath and my perspective expanded, as nature always accomplishes for me.

In the coming weeks, I will be unearthing my camera from its Covid-19 resting place and renewing my relationship with it. But I will still be seeking and shooting those small moments which replenish me so that I can do the work for humanity that I am increasingly called to do.

Be well,


  1. Breathing space, so necessary… LOVE the one of the shore.

  2. I felt your expansion and you exhale in these photos, Kim. xo

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