Capturing Your Camera

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As photographers, we spend so much time with our cameras. Sometimes, it may feel like your camera is an extension of you.

Each one of my cameras has a story. And I love to tell their stories. I can share with you how long I have had each camera, how much I paid for it, and most importantly, a special capture I took with each camera.

Each one is special to me. Every trip and each and every excursion in the last 15 years has involved one of my cameras.

And if there is ever a time where I am at a loss for a subject to capture, my camera usually becomes the subject of my scene.

Do you capture your cameras? Does each one have a story to tell?



  1. Oh yes! I do have a story about each of my cameras, even those which I mourn for having given them up. And I sure do capture them. I had a particularly great story lately where I was fortunate to receive a once-much-loved film camera along with all its lenses, gear, and even a roll of film. I promptly took it home, cleaned it up a bit, and took photos of it. One more treasure that will capture and be captured.

  2. Love this, Azzari! I love my cameras so much, and it’s amazing to think of how much my vision has changed as a result of looking through them. SO much beauty! <3

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