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I took myself on a trip to the ocean a few months ago. It was time for some much-needed rest, and a solo retreat was in order. I rented a small place on the beach, and the crashing waves became the welcome soundtrack of my week-long stay.

I’d never been to Ocean City, Maryland, and had only heard about it in the context of rowdy, raucous crowds in the summer months. But in the off-season, the long stretches of mostly-empty beach was just what I needed, a soothing balm and restorative.

Every day, I would go on long walks on the beach, paying attention to the sights and sounds of the Beauty around me.

Staring at that great ocean, the same, yet ever changing with the tides. Studying the shifting clouds and marveling at their brooding immensity.

And when finally the sun set, I watched the colors change, and I prayed a prayer of gratitude.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. What a beautiful escape! I’m usually more of a “mountain” person than a “beach” person, but these pictures have me longing for the sound of the waves and the sea spray. My parents used to take us to Ocean City when we were kids and we have lots of fond memories. But what I long for now isn’t that carnival atmosphere – it’s this meditative landscape you’ve shared. Many thanks! Hoping to make a trip there soon!

    • Yeah, I’m actually not really a beach person, but the lure of the empty beach was enticing enough for me πŸ™‚ Hope you get to make it out there soon <3

  2. The ocean is my balm. Just from what you wrote Chinwe I can tell how soothing this getaway was for you.

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