Summer’s Last Show

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Though this week marks the official end of summer, a visit to the sunflower field always signals, for me, the change of seasons. The blooms in this field pop open right around Labor Day, put on their show for about two weeks, then bow their heads ever so softly. These flowers, so closely tied to the pull of the sun, go out in a blaze of glory!

Though each year these beauties look much the same, I still find myself drawn to them. There’s something magical about walking through the tight rows, the blooms on sturdy stalks, many taller than I. Getting up close reveals the beautiful details these flowers possess.

It’s hard to escape the buzz of the bees here, though they pay no mind to humans as they have much work to do! Many blooms will be shared by more than one insect.

When I have film in my SX-70, I nearly always manage a Polaroid or two. Sunflowers and Polaroid just seem to go together! The heat of the day brings a pink hue to the film, but I love it even so.

I suppose visiting this cheery, golden field is my way of saying good-bye to summer and preparing to welcome the crisp days of fall. Do you have any rituals that mark the changing of the seasons where you live?



  1. Yes, yes, YES! My favorite flowers! Thank you for these beautiful images!

    • Thank you, Maite! It’s a treat to see these fields.

  2. I always think of you and these fields of sunflowers ?
    Beautiful, thank you for sharing this end of summer ritual with us!

    • Thank you, Michelle! I seem to repeat this post each year ?

    • Thank you, Kirstin! It’s hard to find something new to photograph here, but perhaps the familiarity is the point?

  3. gorgeous colors !!!! Wonderful tour of Fall

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