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Lately, I’ve been interested in capturing the details of my life.

The little things that make me, me.

Capturing the things – the stuff of life – that I reach for day in and day out. How these things tell a story of who I am, what I wore, and how I spend my days.

Here is a look at some constants in my life.

Azzari Jarrett

I reach for the same cup, my favorite cup, every morning.

Azzari Jarrett

My nightstand could easily tell you the story of my days. It’s filled with the bits and baubles of life right now. Actually, I can see this as a photo project – capturing my nightstand at different points in each month!

Azzari Jarrett

I have a favorite spot to work and respond to emails.

Azzari Jarrett
Azzari Jarrett

I reach for the same hat and jewelry each and every day.

Azzari Jarrett

If I’m being honest, I reach for the same garments from my closet, which is really encouraging me to downsize.

Azzari Jarrett

And simply noticing when I simply match the rugs in my home.

What details of your life have you been capturing lately? What story does it tell about you?



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