Chasing Fall

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Up until last week, the weather in our part of Colorado was not feeling very fall-like, despite the abundance of long sleeved flannel attire in clothing stores and the pumpkin-spiced everything on the menus. In search of cooler temperatures and autumn colors, we ventured to higher altitudes for a mini break from our everyday routines.

Around here, the aspens always change first and they only grow at higher elevations.

We timed our getaway perfectly because the weather was chilly at night but warm during the day. We took a train ride from a town called Leadville where we got to ride along and watch the beautiful scenery go by.

I was very happy that I brought my camera along for the ride because I captured a few images that I’m really pleased with.

Now that the weather if finally starting to shift in our neighborhood, I’m still looking back at these images and remembering the wonderful weekend we shared as a family as we beat the heat.

Embracing all the seasons – Angie


  1. Absolutely stunning photos fabulously composed!

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