Autumn on Film

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Wandering the neighborhood with my Instax Mini, I notice the change in colors. The bold red geraniums and vibrant marigolds are fading. Mums of golden yellow and mauve adorn the porches now. Burning bushes are slowly emerging. Bittersweet shifts to deep orange. Ornamental grasses try to steal the show. The light has changed. Autumn has arrived.

Halloween decorations are taking center stage in our neighbor’s yards and it makes my heart sing! We’ve found such delight in decorating this year.

Pumpkins and Jack O’ Lanterns bring a smile to my face!

I was worried the light flare ruined my final image, but my kids saw something else entirely….Halloween Spirit at its finest!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve taken my Instax Mini out to wander. I’m so happy I did! It felt so refreshing to see the neighborhood in a way that only instant film can bring to life. Next up…Instax Wide! ~ Laura


  1. These are awesome! Especially love the one with the hands.

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