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I had been a daily photo-shooter for probably the last seven or so years. Had been – until this summer when I just kind of burnt out, I think. I don’t even entirely know what happened, but all of a sudden, I didn’t need to shoot every day. In fact, I needed a break from it. And so I took one. I stopped my 365-project-ing and most of my other little creative projects cold turkey.

The last month or so, though, I’ve started picking it back up. I’ve started shooting my own life, documenting my days and the moments, the light as I feel called to it. I don’t have any rules or expectations of what kind of thing all of it means or will create. I’m just shooting for me a little bit again. And it’s been a relief.

So, I’m not sure what it is right now, and as a project-junkie, I am trying really hard to be okay with that. To just let whatever I’m capturing, whatever captures my imagination, whatever I’m seeing that I’m falling in love with, be enough, to be plenty. To fill me and my creative buckets just as much I need it to.

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  1. I understand. A few years ago I stopped making, but my brain is so wired to see a potential project that it’s hard to shut down. The reason I took up photography is I can see without the desire to make. Does that make sense?

  2. I can totally relate! And the weird thing is I miss not picking up my camera so when I do, I feel like a junkie finally getting my fix…!

  3. I get this. Boy, do I get this. No pressure whatsoever… because the images you pull out of a hat when you are ready to dip back in are stunning, Alison

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