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My camera of late has been a tool for my business and not much else – I pull it out, polish up the lens, and do storytelling shoots for clients. Which I thoroughly enjoy, but it means I haven’t been shooting just for me, other than the random shot with my iPhone of my dog or my daughter or my feet in the street.

But today I headed out for a Sunday walk with my family and on the way out the door, slung my camera over my shoulder. Just in case.

It was a beautiful day and I figured I would take landscape style photos of our walk along the path and the water, but instead found myself shooting patterns and textures… moving in close and then closer, dirtying my knees, getting myopic with my 35mm, almost wishing for a macro lens.

In the end, when I looked at the photos as a group, I loved the blend of colors and textures that resulted from getting up close and personal, capturing mini-landscapes, going back to my early days in photography when all I wanted to accomplish was that dreamy depth of field and almost abstract feel – my first year or two on Flickr resulted in a feed FILLED with such photos.

I love revisiting ways of shooting that always make me happy. What are you shooting these days?



  1. Love! I still love shooting that way and don’t do it often enough. Beautiful images.

  2. These images really reminded me of the images you used to shoot when I first met you virtually. And that was before I even read your words! More please!

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