the lessons of quiet frames

In Film, Fine Art Photography, Inspiration, Nature
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Some photos only reveal their merits and secrets with time.

These aren’t the obvious images – neither the most exuberant nor brilliant.
They will not shout, “Look at me!”

Instead, these pictures wait their turn, hiding in the open as they cede the field to their more dynamic brethren on my first, my second, and even my fifth turn through a batch of fresh scans.

But then around the tenth close examination of new images something interesting begins to happen.

Those love-at-first sight – obvious frames start to stale as the quieter ones whisper to me, beckoning closer inspection.

And I can find universal lessons hidden for me in plain sight:

look again


give things a chance to breathe – to work on you

and listen for the quietest messages

Keep your eyes (and ears) wide open,


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