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Travel for me–even modest road trips–has been sparse these past couple of years. Relatable, right? But it’s interesting to see what you can find when you journey even a short distance from home.

I recently took a day trip with my mom and daughter, just 50 miles from Mom’s home, with the goal of finding a perfect slice of pie in the tiny town of Glasgow, Missouri. What we encountered was pie–and more! Here are just a few of the sights we saw along the way.

Home of the local newspaper
Accidental selfie

I have a soft spot for small town main streets, architecture and signage. How could I not go inside this drugstore?

Family business founded in 1841
Wishing for a treat from this old-school soda fountain

Notice the framed photo here? It’s portraits of the family members who’ve owned this shop through generations. How cool is that? These are the kinds of places I love to see still standing.

Mile-high chocolate meringue pie

The pie from the Rolling Pin Bakery did not disappoint! Heading back home, fully satisfied, we spotted barns adorned with beautiful quilt patterns. Several stops along the way were in order.

Marching mailbox and barn! This one is named Fireman’s Cross.
The quilt here is known as Farmer’s Daughter.
This quilt design is Electric Fan. It’s not common to see a brick barn in this area.

At one stop we met Bob, the owner of one of the barns! He also happened to own a Phillips 66 station (no longer in business) that was chock-full of vintage treasures that he invited us to see. He was proud to show us this Chevy truck he’s been restoring.

While visiting with Bob, I asked permission to take his portrait. I was so glad I had one last shot remaining in my SX-70, whichI left behind for him to share with family members.

As you can see, it always pays to have a camera–or two!–along for the ride, no matter how short or long the road trip. I hope the future holds for you the chance to travel (near or far), discovery of unexpected delights, and, of course, a slice of delicious pie!



    • There are many instant camera options these days! And they’re such fun for sharing prints.

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