A Vision in Orange

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Much like Leslie talked about just a few posts ago, there are a few summer things that I look forward to every year. Things like popsicles on the driveway, trips to the cabin, camping as many places as we can, staying up to watch the fireflies dance in the grasses, will always pull at me. There’s one more though, something a bit smaller, but not without its own magic. It’s those three to four days a year when my bright orange poppies are in bloom.

I love their unabashed exuberance. I love their mixture of delicacy and ruggedness. I love those crazy, long, winding stems. I love the fuzziness of their leaves and stems. I love the powdery indigo in their centers.

Most of all, though, they just make me happy. Do you have a bloom that you look forward to every year?

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  1. Peonies are my fave! But I’ve always wanted to grow poppies, and I’ve never succeeded. Those little seeds just won’t grow.

  2. I look forward to my figs! Not technically a bloom, but surely a much awaited event in our house ever year 🙂

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