First Signs of Spring

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At Viewfinders HQ we are all on high alert for those first signs of Spring. Some of us have already found a few, while others are still waiting to find any. Here we share our thoughts and images about what Spring means and looks like to us.

When my Japanese Magnolia blooms I know it won’t be long until all the trees and flowers in my yard start to bloom. We have had so much rain here in Southern California, we are expecting a super bloom. I am looking forward to capturing all of it!
~Staci Lee

In the midst of freezing temperatures in Northern California and the first snowfall on our hilltops in many years, our plum tree decided it was time to burst forth into bloom. I took photos of snow on Mount Tamalpais with trees blossoming in the foreground. Confusing, yet beautiful and hopeful at the same time. Who knows what’s coming next…

When the arctic puffins begin to return to the Island of Skomer, off the west coast of Wales – a stone’s throw from our part-time home – I know that they’ll be bringing spring with them.


It’s still chilly and grey here on Cape Cod, but I had the pleasure of visiting the spring bulb show at the Smith College Botanical Gardens with my daughter recently. Dozens of greenhouses were filled with blooming spring bulbs, orchids, succulents, and other amazing growing things. What a joy! –lucy

The cherry blossoms and magnolia trees are the first flowers to bloom here in California. We’ve had so much needed rain this year and it has been incredible to see them the trees in full bloom all at once.


The daffodils and crocuses are popping up in our garden, but for me the real sign of Spring is when the bluebells bloom and release their heady scent. In the language of flowers bluebells can signify gratitude, humility or constancy.  But for me they are a sign that SUMMER IS COMING!


This winter had been one of intense grief for the loss of my Dad and I have been so looking forward to the signs of spring. It’s been wonderful to start to feel the sun’s warmth on our walks along the Thames estuary, and decorating the house ready for our daughter’s birthday is also a herald of the lighter season ahead.


I’m here in the upper midwest (Minnesota to be exact) and we’re having one of our top ten snowiest winters ever. Ever. But, that said, we are still seeing signs of spring – even if they aren’t as obvious as all of the most exuberant blossoms and blooms. See the bottom of the frame there? See how it looks even just a bit melty and wet? That. That’s it. That’s our very first sign of spring 🙂

– Alison

March is still winter in upstate NY. We woke up to snow yesterday and more snow is on its way tomorrow. Yet there are signs of spring if you know where to look. A few snowdrops are peeking out from beneath the leaves in some of the sunniest spots, and the songs of red-winged blackbirds fill the air. Also, it’s maple sugaring time! The sap flows through blue tubing and is collected in big buckets, later to be boiled into syrup.


Golden hour light on Magnolia blooms. Spring in the Midwest can fill my heart with hope and joy!