Live in each season as it passes

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“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

Henry David Thoreau

For a few years, I have been on hikes in late June and realized I had just missed wild mountain-laurel season. I love the way mountain laurel’s confection-like buds and blossoms and gentle scent turn a forest into a garden, and I feel like I’ve missed something special when I go for a hike and find only their decaying flowers

This year I didn’t leave experiencing mountain laurel season to chance. I looked up when they would be in bloom and picked a trail near me where I believed I would find them and carved a free afternoon out of a busy few weeks. I am still learning to be comfortable hiking moderate-rated new-to-me trails on my own, but I got over that quickly.

I found my mountain laurel.

I found some other stuff too.

Setting aside this afternoon, even when it meant pushing past my comfort level (hiking an unfamiliar trail alone) not only ensured I experienced mountain laurel season, but that I fully participated in late spring well. Seasons pass so quickly, and if we don’t make an effort to meet them half way, we might miss them.



  1. Oh how stunning. I love how the flowers look like they’ve been embroidered. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Lucy. I was wondering whether you might recognize the location. This trail starts from Olivia’s Overlook in the Berkshires. You can see the view from the overlook in the 4th photo in the second group.

  2. The photos are beautiful and like an invitation.
    I have been mad at myself many times for letting a season pass (so quickly indeed) without making time to fully experience it.
    I am glad you hiked amongst the mountain laurel. They’re beautiful.

    • Thank you! A missed season can feel a little tragic. Next up for seasonal appreciation: fireflies!

  3. Alone?! You are brave! I’m glad you did find your laurel in the end, though. Beautiful greens and pinks… *sigh*…

    • Just saw this! I would rather have company (plus I am too slow for many ) but I can never count on it so I have learned to go alone

  4. Wow – these are gorgeous gorgeous! I love the intentionality of it all, so thanks for the reminder. Also, you should print some of these! <3

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