Oh summer

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There is a lot of scary stuff happening in the world at the moment. The weather is unseasonably warm, there is war in Europe, inflation is high and our currency weak …

So sometimes I just can’t with the world anymore, and where better to flee, than into the sun behind a camera? Noticing the prettiest and the oddest thing at the same time, an abandoned crate of tomatoes on the street, a lonely green shoot in a lonely ray of sun.

And then when I’m so warm my brain fairly melts and I’m convinced I can’t even language anymore I head into a cafe, and then I’m quite happy to sit and wait for ten minutes for my coffee, watching an endless stream of iced moccas and lattes being picked up before mine.

How do you cope with summer?

All the best, Jenny G.


  1. when I’m overwhelmed I head to the woods. Nothing settles me more than listening to birds and seeing animals, trees, and wildflowers. Of Course with my camera in tow. Lately, I have seen a lot of wildlife.

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