the mindfulness of film

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In my last post, I shared I was excited to get a particular roll of black and white film back from our recent trip to Tofino in British Columbia.

As I looked over the images, it was interesting to see how many shots were similar to my iPhone shots. I love the grittiness of the film and the mood it brings to the image.

I also noticed that while digital gives me that instant gratification, film locks in the memory. I feel like I remember so much more when it comes to film. I wonder if it is because, with film, I need to stop and think about it a bit more so my body remembers more of what was happening around me. I can feel the coolness of the weather, the mist of the fog, and hear the cries of the birds.

I have always appreciated the mindfulness of film, but I have especially noticed it with this particular roll. I look forward to experiencing the smells, sounds, and world around me with my next roll, with the anticipation that the images will take me back.

~Staci Lee


  1. These are all beautiful, Staci. No wonder you’re looking forward to more!

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