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My friend Sara and I both took advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend for a quick escape to our happy places on opposite sides of the country. While texting about our impending travels, we realized we were both going to amazing lakes, both planning out long dog walks and most importantly both excited to get out of the city and into nature.

As it turned out, we were also both driving north into fresh air for our final destinations: me to Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, Sara to Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino, California. Both locations are dog friendly and adventure ready with plenty to do, “tree hugging” (as Sara says) most definitely included!

Of course, we both captured our getaways as they unfolded. I continued taking snapshots using only my iphone, while Sara took 4 cameras with her: a leica, cannon AE-1 film camera, a Fuji Polaroid and yes, her iPhone too. As we shared our experiences via text message, we seemed to be having the same trip!

We both went for dog walks. Sara along the hiking trails she loves,

While I walked along my regular route around our house at at the lake.

Sara said that Big Bear lake was the fullest it’s been in years. She enjoyed a pontoon trip around the lake, one of the most relaxing and beautiful things to do!

While I enjoyed sunsets on the dock and balcony, also verrrrry relaxing!

We both captured a similar view of the ridge across the lake, cropped tree in the foreground included!

Here’s mine:

Along the tree theme, we both took more photos of trees! Sara’s photos taken while out on leisurely bike on the opposite side of the lake. It was the first weekend Snow Valley opened for downhill mountain biking, so that was a must as well.

I took a different type of picture of trees, closer to the ground! Volunteer pines trees that I plan on digging and potting up this summer to bring back home.

Of course there were photos of our dogs, Brandi (left) and Gibson (right):

We both enjoyed our food and drink! Sara’s bbq by the cabin along with her vodka tonic and Manhatten:

While I enjoyed wine, dog kisses included!

Most importantly, we were both able to get a mental and physical reset before heading back home. I hope you enjoyed sharing our vacation fun!

Until next time,

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