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I need to sort my images from the summer holiday, I think to myself, and see which ones I want to keep and whether there are any I want to share online.

But it’s such a hassle, another part of me complains. I need to get out the memory card reader and the external hard drive, and then move the ones I want to share over to Google drive, since I don’t have any of the photo sharing apps on my computer.

Isn’t it funny? Instead of having to finish and develop a physical film, making prints, and, nowadays, getting scanned either the negatives or the prints, my photos are instantly available in my camera. Still I find it a hassle. Switching from my little Olympus to a Leica, the only thing I miss is the option to share directly from the camera to my phone, spoiled that I am.

So what to do? All I can think of is to set aside more time for it, and to think of it as part of the process rather than a chore. Put on some music, really look at each image on the computer before deciding to keep it or not, thinking about focus, composition and feeling again the feelings that were present in the moment of photographing.

Does this make sense to you? Do you too struggle with your workflow, or isn’t it an issue for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

All the best from Jenny G.


  1. Lovely photos. The first looks like a face.

    I have a little SD card reader for my iPhone. It’s small and light and easy to carry around and use.. I prefer to edit and store photos on my computer, but something like it might work well for you.

  2. Yes. Totally familiar.

    I had a flow that worked for me a few computers ago, but a hard drive crash revealed its flaws. It’s been hard to find something new that feels natural . . . and so it remains a bit of a piecemeal hassle for me.

    But your lovely, warm photos prove there’s great reward when you face down the chore.

  3. I feel the same about workflow. After a 3 week vacation, where I didn’t even take that many pictures, I’ve been putting off looking at and editing them for over two weeks. Not sure what I could do differently, it just feels like a chore… Having said that, at the end of the year, when I create my annual photo book, I’m glad I got to it in the end.

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