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When I travel to a new place, I’m always excited to see the sights, try new restaurants, and of course, capture interesting images. However, I often find myself drawn to the “non-standard” subject matter in any given location. Though I do shoot some landmarks, I’m usually disappointed with what I bring home. It’s hard to compete with those perfect images I’ve seen in travel books and postcards! I generally don’t have the time, equipment, and luxury of waiting for the right weather conditions to create those shots.

Smiliing door 382

So instead, I find myself drawn to the subjects a little off the beaten path…or at least, photographing the usual in a more unusual way. I love the quirky and different things that can be found in local neighborhoods, things seen on foot, perhaps no longer noticed by those who pass by each day.

I’m sure many passersby wonder, “What is she doing?” when seeing me photograph something that’s a little unusual. (My own family wonders the same thing!) And I suppose one could argue that these shots could be taken anywhere, and don’t fully portray a sense of place. But I love these little reminders that wonderful things can be found around every corner.

How do you document your travels? Do you prefer the tried-and-true shots, or do you seek out more offbeat options?



  1. Those doors are amazing, Leslie! I would have been stopped in my tracks mid-sidewalk right beside you!
    Sometimes I do throw in the obligatory famous scene, to get it out of my system, but just like you, when I get down to making the pictures that aren’t iconic, that’s when I capture the travel memories that mean the most to me.

    • Debbie, I saw those doors several times before I finally had a chance to stop and photograph them! I’m so glad I did.

  2. I understand completely what you are saying. I will never be at a location at the “right” time of day to capture iconic landmarks. I prefer off the beaten path and walking is definitely the best way to explore. As I was taking photos of an abandoned gas station in a lakeside town last week, I am sure people were wondering what the heck I was doing. I was happy that is all that matters.

  3. Sarah, I would have been taking shots of that gas station, too! Maybe we just express our need to be different by photographing different things?

  4. Oh Leslie, I think we should definitely try and meet up some time! I try a mix of both to have all the bases covered….

    • Kirstin, we must meet and shoot together one day! That would make me so happy

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