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The weekend past was designated by Instagram as Worldwide Instameet 14 (#WWIM14). So what does that mean? Instagram encourages photographers around the globe who’ve connected on IG to meet “in real life.” The purpose is to bring people together and make connections that extend beyond online clicks and likes. There’s always a designated theme for the gatherings, which are organized at a local level by anyone who chooses to host.

The theme for this instameet was “food,” so the Kansas City IGers met at the City Market (farmer’s market) for a little Saturday morning fun. One of my very talented friends showed up with creative food-related props.lemon-in-pocketbanana-two-handsOn this particular day we had 30 or more photographers in attendance. After the obligatory group photo we went in various directions to explore and create. We have a wide range of ages in the group, and it’s especially great to watch young photographers at work.

averill-shootscoconut-standIt’s also entertaining to observe and take part in an evolving photo op. The ideas were flowing freely on this one! (You can find out what eventually happened here and here. It’s worth clicking over to see!)group-phonesgroup-and-melonI’ve said it before but it bears repeating: meeting other photographers and sharing ideas and experiences is guaranteed to jumpstart your own creativity. And getting to know the people behind the photos is a huge part of what makes a photo community come alive. I’m so fortunate to be part of IGKansasCity and to call so many talented photographers friends!


P.S. Check out #instameetkc and #wwim14kc on Instagram to see more from the Kansas City meetup, and #wwim14 for a look at events worldwide.







    • Yes, Kirstin! I am loving the Boomerangs these days.

    • It was a great morning! We have so many fun, creative people in our IG community.

    • Thanks, Maite! It’s always a fun time with this group.

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