blurring the lines

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Sometimes life is too sharply focused for my liking.  In moments of stress I really like a bit of blur in my life to keep the sharp edges from doing damage. Not everything has to be perfectly clear all the time.

Yesterday Deb Achak talked about the blurred results of her underwater camera experiment, and how she came to love some of the images that emerged.  In my last post I discussed my childhood practice of squinting my eyes to unfocus from life for a little while.

On a walk this weekend I let the camera unfocus on all but a little slice of the scene, and I find the painterly results intriguing and and a little magical. I left them just as they came out of the camera, with no editing. I used my trusty 50mm lens stepped down to f1.8 which guarantees a fantastic blurry depth of field.


Have you unfocused lately?  Try it, and share the results with us on Instagram.  Don’t forget to tag your posts #viewfindersio and #blur.



  1. Lucy, I love the blur so much. It helps me feel the colors more deeply when so much is left to the imagination. Beautiful!

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