Total eclipse of the art

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Yesterday’s long-awaited solar eclipse was the source of much anticipation and celebration here in Kansas City. Art became a central part of the festivities when local entrepreneurs and artists teamed up to create a multi-day street art and eclipse festival, Solanoir, in  the K.C. Crossroads Arts District.Local area artists as well as many from around the world were given blank walls as canvases upon which to let their creative juices flow. Most painted over the course of several days in order to complete their masterpieces–no small feat in the extreme humidity and heat of August in the Midwest.One of my favorite parts of this event was getting the chance to watch the muralists work and to have conversations with them. Each person was gracious when asked questions and gladly took time to talk about their art and their process.Most worked alone, a few in pairs, but all were creating inspiring works of art that our city will get to enjoy each day.I returned three different times over the course of the festival to see the art evolving.It’s incredible to see how these pieces come to life! So much talent on display here.Even though the festival had it origins in celebrating the solar eclipse, rumor has it this may become an annual event. (Fingers crossed!)

If you ever make your way to Kansas City, this area is a must-see!


P.S. Check out @solanoir on Instagram for more information, photos and artists.


    • Thanks, Kirstin! There’s much I didn’t get to see yet, so I’ll be exploring more soon!

  1. Oh man I love street art, I love murals, how wonderful for your city!

    • Thank you, Audrey! We’re lucky to have many creative, entrepreneurial people here!

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