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On the last weekend in summer, we had a cold spell here in Philadelphia, so I got a jumpstart on autumn and did all the fall things. On Saturday night we had a bonfire in the chiminea, and on Sunday morning I went apple picking with friends.

For years my friend has invited me to join her and her daughters on their annual apple picking trip up north to a local farm. I can’t remember all the reasons I never tagged along in the past, but this year I jumped at the chance for a bit of normalcy and made it happen. Myself, my friend and one of her daughters and another good friend piled into her car, hit the highway and made the short trip up to a local orchard. And we did all the fall things.

Beneath a crystal clear blue sky, we took a hayride out to the orchard, wandered through rows of Ida Red, Golden Delicious and McCort apple trees, and picked one ripe handful after another overflowing our bags with ripe, juicy fruit.

And for the first time since June, I captured the moment with my camera, not my iPhone, but my actual DSLR camera, which I rarely pick up for personal photos these days.

Since I wanted documenting the morning to feel like fun-and not like a job-I opted to shoot with my lightest lense, a 50mm, mostly in AV mode. This way I could keep one hand for my camera, finger on the trigger, leaving the other free to pick apples instead of worrying about fiddling with manual settings. Luckily I had a willing model to pose for me too!

And that’s just what we did! I can’t tell you how good it felt to be outside in the crisp, chilly morning under a brilliant blue sky surrounded by trees heavily laden with fruit. I’ve picked apples before, but I’ve never gone “apple picking” at a farm designed for the experience. If you’ve never tried it either, go for it; it’s loads of fun!

I’ll admit, it was tough not to be slightly in “work mode”, but for the most part I did it, and I’ve promised myself to enjoy the results, not critique them.

I shared in my last post it’s been a hell of a summer-who am I kidding, it’s been a hell of a past six months- but today felt like normal even with the masks and social distancing. Today felt like fun! Hopefully there will be more moments like this one throughout the rest of the year.

And truthfully, by choosing to join my friends on an enjoyable excursion intended purely for fun – and of course the tasty apples – it felt like I was choosing happiness more than anything else, something I need more of in my life these days. We’re already planning a trip to go back in a couple of weeks to get pumpkins, and I’m hoping to fit in a few of my other fall favorites before it gets too cold.

How have you been able to find your own moments of happiness the past few months? Share with us in comments. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to too!

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. Lovely images, Holly. I love apple picking with my kids…

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