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Photo walks in neighborhoods other than my own provide a much-needed change of scenery, and almost always lead to new and interesting photo subjects. In the Kansas City area there are many well-established neighborhoods with unique architecture, community diversity, and personality.

One such area, Columbus Park, is a place I’ve visited often over the years. It’s an easy neighborhood for a walkabout, and one with a lot of history and visual interest.

No matter where I go with my camera, I seem to be drawn to the same subjects. A mix of vintage signage, street art, and plant life almost always catch my eye.

The best finds are often in the side streets and alleyways. It’s always worth taking a look!

What are your favorite places to explore with camera in hand? Are they urban or rural? Familiar or brand new? I’d love to know what gets your creative juices flowing!


  1. I love both rural and urban photography. I used to tour different parts of my home city with a photography friend and loved discovering new things, especially little details along the way. Then my friend moved home to the States, and I haven’t had the drive to go by myself, sadly. As my own neighbourhood is very boring, these days I mostly take seasonal pics around the garden and the fields surrounding it.

    • It’s definitely more fun to explore with a friend! I also enjoy taking photos in rural areas, but it involves much more driving. ?

  2. Yep, discovering the familiar is my jam! Love walking around my neighborhood, seeing something new in the old familiar places. Thanks for the encouragement, Leslie.

    • My suburban area is a little too ordinary for my taste, haha! That’s why I visit some of the older neighborhoods in the city for inspiration.

    • Oh, of the sea was an option, it would definitely be my first choice, ?

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