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I have been trying to pick up my film cameras more, but it has yet to happen. If we go on a trip or on a bit of adventure around Los Angeles, it is easy for me to grab my camera. However, I struggle with picking it up in my daily life- AND I really want to do that more.

Thankfully, an amazing film photographer I follow, Katya Rowny, started the perfect project to help me reach for my film cameras more. She is inviting the film community to shoot a roll of film a month, changing the film type or the camera type each month. You can see more of the guidelines here and follow the project on Instagram here. Her blog post about why she started this project was inspiring to me and can be found here.

I will be shooting with my Rolleicord V with Kodak Portra 400 in January. I love the mystical look this camera gives me. I also love how light and easy to use she is. I have included some of my photographs using her in this post.

Are you trying any fun photography projects this year? I love to hear about them in the comments.

~Staci Lee


  1. Yay! Joining you on this one! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see what we all create 🙂

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